Chloé Caillet


Top 10 del 2022 con Chloé Caillet.


1. Doudou release VOD

My Doudou edit came out this year on VOD before the summer and was able to play it out on different dance floors.


2. NYWTF release on circoloco records

NYWTF was released on circoloco records this October was so happy to realsese this and hear it all around the world.


3. Circoloco residency

Got be a resident at the legendary DC10 all summer in Ibiza. This was one of the most fun and crazy summer since everything was back open after the pandemic.


4. Lost village

One of my favorite festival and set in summer. The energy in the crowd was amazing.


5. The torch

So special playing at the legendary LA coliseum and sharing the stage with such legendary artists too such as Mochakk and the Martinez brothers. We even get to do a b3b at the AFTERPARTY at Sound wich was a highlight of my year.


6. The garden

I got to play at the iconic MSG over the summer growing up in NY I used to go to this
venues as a kid so that was definitely something special.


7. Coachella

The DOLAB Lab was one of my most fun and unexpected sets of the year. From a guy dressed up like Jeasus, the giant water gun spraying the crowd and the rest of the people on stage having a party whilest I was playing. That was really one for the books.


8. Brunch lima

My first time in Peru and definitely one of the best crowds of the year.


9. Glastonbury

My favorite festival of all times got to play at 3 different stages this summer and it was my 30th birthday.


10. Orient express

I was the first dJ to ever play on the orient express that’s definitely on my bucket list.